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We are proud to offer you our expert service across a variety of health areas.  Our highly trained and caring pharmacists together with our staffs work with you and your doctor to help you and your family reach the best possible health outcomes. Please see below a list of the Services offered, click on the links for more information or call to speak to one of our team. 


Free Home Delivery

If you would like your medicines delivered please call the pharmacy on 9713 6963 or place an order using the Medadvisor App. Our home delivery service is available Monday - Friday and only available to our local area residents.

Consumer Medicines Information

Medicines can be confusing. Our pharmacists are experts in medicines advice, especially when it is a new medicine. We can help get you started with your medicines and even if you've been on them for a while.

Scripts on File and Reorder

Running out of time? Why don't you try our mobile ordering prescription service? Leave your prescription with us and we will file it accurately and safely. You will always know how many repeats you have left with the help of our FREE Scripts Management App - MedAdvisor



We offer a simple compounding service to prepare specialised creams and ointments. For more complex items we can arrange for your compounded medicine to be prepared and delivered back to us for you to collect at no extra charge.  Speak to our team for more information.

Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM Project)

Storage of expired and unwanted medicines in the home can lead to environmental damage.  There is a free and convenient way to dispose of your unwanted medicines responsibly via your local pharmacy, and it's called Return Unwanted Medicines (or The RUM Project).


Vaccination Service

Vaccinations are administered by our specially trained pharmacists.

For more information CLICK HERE or ask our staff for further details.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We offer regular blood pressure monitoring and recording to help you keep in control of your heart health. Keeping a close eye on your blood pressure is a good way to detect changes early and take the appropriate action.


NDSS - National Diabetes Services Scheme

Five Dock Pharmacy is a National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) Access Point. We can provide subsidised insulin needles, pump consumables and blood testing strips on your NDSS membership.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

We can help with all aspects of blood glucose monitoring.  We can carry out in-pharmacy checks or set you up with your own glucometer for home management.

Absence from work certificates

If you are too sick to go to work and can't get into your doctor, we can provide you with a 1 day absence from work certificate.

Dose Administration Aids

Our Pharmacist can consolidate all of your medicines into one tidy weekly pack, Webster-pak. Personal medication packs are a convenient solution for both travel and on-the-go. For more information CLICK HERE

Home Medication Reviews

Sit down one on one with a pharmacist to review your medicines. We can help you understand your medicines better and address any problem areas. Getting the best possible benefit from your medicines may mean better future health. Call us today to book your free appointment.

Safety Net Management

One of the benefits of coming to our pharmacy is that we’ll automatically keep a record of the prescriptions that count towards your safety net and notify you when you qualify for the less expensive price under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Asthma Management

Do you suffer from Asthma? Want to breathe with ease? Talk to us about your Asthma medicines. Our pharmacists are experts in how to use Asthma inhalers and other asthma medicines. Often, the slightest improvement in your technique can make big differences in your Asthma control!

Health & Medical Equipment

Sales & Hire

Five Dock Pharmacy offers an excellent range of health & medical equipment aimed at mobility and home help, depending on your needs. Crutches (in different styles and different heights), wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs and more. Speak to our team for more information

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